My dedications

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Unedited text.

I dedicate this book to all the friendly, fun and polite customers I had the privilege of sharing a pleasant journey in this life.

There are about 100 stories in this book. Everything written here is not true but probably has happened or will happen.

Many thanks to the translator, the editor and the designer who gave this book the good content and look it has.

I thank my friend Chubby and aunt K in Finland, they are the reason my life in Finland started. I also thank my friends in Estonia who motivated me to write these stories down. When the times were tough, your positive feedback gave me much strength and belief to continue writing this book.

Big thanks to my Finnish friends Heljä and Tapsa, thanks to whom all the photos in this book were taken.

I also thank my other Finnish friends – Beard, who always offered us your “housing”, your superb sauna, the blue and cold Hartwall “cartridges” and your great company, and Richard for the good Finnish humor and the “baked goods”.

I thank my boss for the chance and the trust of letting me have a job which expanded my way of looking at the world immensely. Thanks to this job I saw how colorful and diverse our world and the people in it can be. Thanks to these experiences I grew “bigger” myself.

I thank my colleagues, especially Lässi, Doggy and Tapsa, you were always helpful, kind, friendly and made the shift better with your entertaining and subtle Finnish humor.

And of course I thank my brother Teet for the unforgettable moments while driving as well as outside of work. We have memories to remember.



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