You need the end the night with a hit against the tarmac

August. Weekend. I got a fare to a fun bar called M & H at midnight. It was in Espoo center, Mid-Espoo. Another bar with “interesting” clients where you could sometimes see people completely wasted during the middle of the day.

I was waiting right in front of the door. There was another vehicle in front of me, someone’s private car.

First a giant came out of the bar – bald, wearing camouflage pants, tank boots and a leather jacket. He walked straight to my car, opened the rear door and walked back to the bar, about 6-7 meters. The bar door was opened again. A friend of the giant was escorted out between two men – he couldn’t walk by himself. The two “extra wheels” who were holding him up, decided that their work was done and they could let the friend roam to the taxi by himself. They decided wrong.

First the giant’s friend couldn’t understand which car was the right one. He was beginning to lean towards the car in front of me on the first few steps.  The giant noticed it and tried to pull him back. But his tires were so empty that when he was pulled, he just slammed to the ground, grazing the front of my car, like a big tree in the woods. Straight on the tarmac. The giant and an older gentleman went to investigate, how the Tree was doing and what condition was he in.

I also exited the car. I stopped next to the driver door. I was thinking to myself, what could be the consequences of a hit that hard. I was debating if I should approach them or what should I do.

I decided to not to anything at first. The giant and the old man tried to lift their friend up and asked me to help. I didn’t like that idea. First of all, it isn’t any of my business to help a fallen drunkard. Secondly, I have the right to carry clients who I consider adequate and polite. Third, I could tell that the giant and the old man could handle their friend themselves. And forth, they should have called the ambulance for the fallen tree, not a taxi. After all that analysis, I decided to sit back in the car.

I stayed observing the circus for a few moments. I saw that the fallen soldier couldn’t get up and decided to leave. I knew that if I picked up the trio, I would have a big adventure on my hands, which wouldn’t be worth the money.

I exited once more, closed the rear door, sat back in the car and drove off.

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