Well, of course – come and puke in the car!

June. Evening on a regular workday. I had just taken a cute lady to a nightclub in Helsinki. I picked up another client right in front of the club. It was a pretty drunk but decent gentleman. He wanted to go to Kirkkonummi, about 30km west of Helsinki. I was fine with that, because I got nearer to Espoo and got paid for it.

He got in the car and when we got out of the city, on the highway, he got tired and fell asleep, his head against the rear window.

On the Kehä III circuit, when the navigation showed about 5 minutes to go, the gentleman for some reason suddenly woke up. At the same moment he threw up. Most of the “soup” went on the floor and into his own lap, but some was on the seat, the door and in the door pocket.

I stopped the car on the side of the road and told him to get out of the car in case more of the barf needed to be discharged. He got out of the car and seemed startled by the situation. I asked him to clean his clothes, as well as the door and the seat. I gave some paper towels and cleanser from the boot.

Then I started asking him to pay for the damages, because I couldn’t pick up any more clients with a car like that.

First I had to clean the car from the puke as well as the smell. I demanded 200 euros from him, which he didn’t accept. I thought, okay, let’s do 150, I could get it cleaned pretty quickly.

After arguing for some time, when I had threatened him with the police, we agreed to a hundred, which he had to pay extra to the 50-euro bill. I offered to take him home but he wished to walk the last kilometer in fresh air. So we went our separate ways on the circuit. He marched right over the ditch and through the bushes towards his house. I drove back to Kivenlahti (about 10km) to clean the car in the car wash.

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