“I will cut your throat if you start to fuck with me too much.”

Unedited text.

A colleague of mine Doggy had a driver he knew, who picked up a guy from a post in Matinkylä, South-Espoo. He wanted to go to East-Espoo, Lepppävaara, train station. On the way, a few kilometers from the post towards Leppävaara the guy spilled his beer. The driver told the client: “You have to pay for the cleaning because I can’t work with a car like this.” The client agreed with the proposition.

When they were on the Turunväylä highway, just a few kilometers from Leppävaara, the bastard in the back seat had opened a can of energy drink. The energy drink had splashed out of the can and the contents of it were again on the seat and floor. To that, the taxi driver stopped the car and told the scumbag: “Throw the can out of the car! You just spilled your beer, now you’re doing the same with your energy drink.” The scumbag answered: “Hey, I have been in prison for ten years. I have a knife with me. If you start fucking with me, I’ll cut your fucking throat!” The driver just answered “Uhuh” to that and continued driving to the Leppävaara post.

When they arrived he asked for help from the other drivers, because there was a madman out of control in his car. The scumbag escaped the car, as he saw the plan through. The drivers pursued him but decided to let him go after he had sprayed tear gas to the faces of his followers…

Just like that, he was gone for the night, without paying the bill. Later the police got him though.

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