A “gold client” with a golden stripe on his ass

A colleague who has been driving a taxi over 20 years told me a few juicy stories.

One time a drunken guy had gotten in his car. When driving to the address the guy had given him, he suddenly smelled feces. I mean clear-cut shit. The driver glanced over his shoulder and noticed that the client had white pants on. He really doubted if the stench came from there although he didn’t really see anything else it could come from.

He then arrived to the destination. The client paid the bill and exited the car. He then noticed: “Oh yeah, the guy has a freaking oil spill in the back of his pants.” The client had a huge lump of shit in his trousers…

The driver explained that he didn’t even ask the client for money to fix the damage. He just wanted to remove the horrible stench. After the trip he drove straight to the carwash and cleaned the back seat with a pressure washer. He then told me approvingly: “Good thing that today’s taxis have leather seats – you can clean everything off easily and don’t have to take the car to have it chemically cleaned.”


Girls who tried to “dodge the bill”

The same driver as in the last story had been driving with two girls who wanted to go to Helsinki to an apartment building.

He took them there and stopped in front of the house. One of the girls went out of the car and into the building, the other one stayed in the car and chatted with the driver for a few minutes and then told him: “I don’t have any money with me, but my friend has some. I’ll go and see where she went.” To that, the driver said: “You can look for your friend in the police station of Pasila[1].” Hearing the “news,” the girl sitting in the car called her friend. She arrived with the money in 30 seconds and paid the bill.

[1] Pasila police station – Helsinki’s police station in Pasila district.

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