Which body is stronger – a Hyundai’s or a Finn’s?

Late May. A bit after midnight, I came to work from watching football at “home”. I got a fare from Saunalahti district, in South-West Espoo, next to Kivenlahti. I picked up an old couple, about 60 years old, who wanted to go to just a few kilometers west, to Kauklahti (about 5km).

The old man was hammered as hell. After they paid their bill in front of their house, when he was climbing out of the car, he lost his balance and slammed into the side of the car and disappeared onto the tarmac. Fortunately it seemed like the woman had had practice lifting him. She helped him up and helped him to the door. There wasn’t a dent on the car, though. This time the Hyundai’s body had been stronger than the Finnish man’s.

Dear Reader,

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund


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