“Turn the taximeter on if you want to fuck with us…”

Unedited text.

December. Weekend. At about 7am I got a fare in Leppävaara district, on the border of Helsinki and Espoo, to an apartment building about a kilometer (about 0,6mi) from the post.

The potential clients were a guy, about 25-30 years old, and a chick, about the same age. Dressed simple, cheap, you could even say their clothes were “tired”. They seemed pretty old and worn-out.

The couple came out of the doorway. They waved to signal me, that they are the ones who ordered the taxi. I waited for them to take a seat in the car. But they had other plans. They lit their cigarettes… What the fuck? I rolled down the passenger side window and asked: “What, are you going to smoke??” “Yes,” the dude answered. What the fuck, I thought again. I told the guy: “I will start the taximeter until you’re sucking on your cigarette.” “Do it, if you want to fuck with us,” the important gentleman told me. Exactly that. “Well, I don’t know about fucking with you but if you have ordered a taxi, you have to pay for the waiting too,” I informed him of the well-known rules. “Well you can always fuck with us if you want to,” he repeated his view. The chick started laughing.

I told them…

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund

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