A hyperactive ignorant brainless “chicken”

Unedited text

On an evening in January at about 10pm I got a fare in Haukilahti, South-Espoo, next to Westend. It was a private house.

I drove there and two people entered the car. A guy, about 40 years old and a lady about 10 years younger. Both pleasantly tipsy. One chick stayed outside. I asked where we were going from the couple sitting in the car. “Not far. To Kuutamo bar in Olari (about 3km/1,9mi),” the guy answered.

Okay. I entered the address to the navigator and waited for the chick left outside to enter the car so we could go. She was calmly smoking a cigarette though. Then she suddenly thought it was a good idea to start cleaning out snow from the yard. She took a shovel off the wall and started to clean off the snow next to the car.

Finally when I had waited for her for a few minutes I asked through the car window: “Are you coming today?” She put the shovel down and got in the car. She sat in the front and right away started touching the buttons on the radio. She found the volume button and turned the volume up. She turned it to a level which hurt my ears. I tolerated it. I didn’t say anything, I just secretly turned the volume down from the buttons on the steering wheel. After some time she noticed it and turned it up again. I still didn’t say anything. I turned it down a bit again.

Then the Chicken thought that she must groom her feathers. Of course she couldn’t do it at home because she had to shovel snow.

The Hen was trying to make herself pretty and started to paint her lips. Of course she needed a mirror to do that. She pulled down the sun shade so hard that it hit the rear view mirror and pushed it crooked towards the ceiling. I quietly observed what she did and still said nothing. I thought to myself, should I say something or would it be no use to educate an imbecile during the last two minutes of the drive. I decided to be quiet. I guess the Chicken noticed my stretched out face muscles and asked me with the most innocent face: “Everything OK?” I looked at her with a face that said “What do you think?!” and ironically told her: “Yes, everything is great!” That ended our conversation. What else can you say to a brainless bird like that? She wouldn’t understand you anyway.

I took them to the bar, the Chicken paid the bill and everyone left the car like nothing had happened at all.

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