Two “decent” pilots

Unedited text.

March. I get a fare in South-East Espoo, from a bar Westend at about 11 p.m.

I drove to the bar and two guys entered the car, both in their 50s. One looked like the former Finnish ski jumping talent Matti Nykänen. The other one was a look-alike of a well-known Estonian actor Lembit Ulfsak in his youth. For real, when I looked at the first guy and heard him talk, I thought, it can’t be Matti, touring around from bar to bar.

The doppelganger of Matti wanted to go Haukilahti (about 1km/0,6mi) and I needed to take the copy of Lembit to the border of Espoo-Helsinki, LauttasaariVattuniemenkuja street. Can you imagine hearing that street name from a man drunk as a skunk? “Waddddunjiieeemengujaaaa.”

haukilahti sadam

View to marina in Haukilahti. Photo: author.

Long story short, I heard the first part of the name, but the end, “kuja”, I didn’t.

I found Vattuniemenkatu from the navigator and reached the Länsiväylä highway when I noticed that Lembit next to me is sleeping. I told him “Hey, don’t fall asleep, I’m not sure which house is yours. I don’t know where to stop.” Nothing. The sponge had soaked up too much alcohol and couldn’t wake up.

I arrived to Vattuniementakatu and saw a house which number was 13. I stopped the car and tried to wake the guy up. First talking quietly, then louder and louder. Finally I yelled and hit his shoulder: “Wake the fuck up!” Still nothing. It was no use.

I thought what to do. Then I remembered that cold air would help. I rolled down all the windows and went about 70km/h (43mph) on that same street. At the same time I kept working on him verbally and physically.


View to Lauttasaari. Photo:

At the end of the street he came out of his unconsciousness. I stopped the car and yelled at him with the voice of a bear: “WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR HOUSE??!!” He looked around and was astonished by the scenery. He didn’t know where the fuck he was. First he pointed to a yard and then “Shit, that isn’t it.” He asked “Where are we?” I loudly explained to him: “You are in LAUTTASAARI!” Several times. For fuck’s sake.

So I kept driving on the street until we …

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund

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