“Listen to the taxi driver next time!”

Unedited text.

July. Nighttime on a workday. It was about 3am. Where do you go for adventures if not Espoo center.

I was sitting on the post and a guy entered, about 30 years old. I asked where to go. “Kivenlahti,” was the answer. “Which street exactly?” I inquired. “Yläjuoksu,” he told me as I got a more precise location.

I entered the address to the navigator and we started moving. He started calling somewhere. About 200m from the post there was an intersection, where the navigation system suggested going right. I started to turn right but the guy on the phone, sitting next to me, started waving his hand telling me to go left. I told him: “Actually you get to Kivenlahti if you turn right here and it’s the faster way,” but the dude started arguing. He just told me, the phone call still going on, “I have been living in Espoo for 35 years and I know which way is faster.” I gave up and just said: “It doesn’t make a difference for me, which way we go. As long as you’re happy,” and added: “but honestly, I’m not aware of a street called Yläjuoksu in Kivenlahti.” “Yes there is, I know,” the guy kept arguing confidently and continued talking on his phone.

So we were driving towards Kivenlahti. At every intersection, my navigation told me to make a U-turn. I was thinking maybe the navigation wanted me to go through Kauklahti. The way I wanted to go when I started to turn right.

We got to Espoonlahti, next to Kivenlahti, where the navigation told me to turn towards Hanko, on the Länsiväylä highway. I told the guy that and immediately asked: “Are you completely sure that Yläjuoksu is in Kivenlahti?” I explained: “My navigation shows that there is 24 minutes to go… It seems to be farther than that…” The guy became anxious and decided to check the address.

He called his girlfriend, who he was going to visit. I heard the guy asking: …

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund

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