Like a canoe had been thrown on the wall of snow

Unedited text.

March. South-Espoo. Olari taxi post.

I was the first taxi when I arrived at the post. I saw a guy, about 22-23 years old, standing on the post, a bit more drunk than you would like. He entered my car and got on the front seat and told me in a stretchy tone: “Drive to that corner,” showing me a bend about 30m away, where another bar was.

Shit, I thought he was playing a stupid joke on me and just wants to drive 30 meters. Another damn moron trying to act cool. I got pissed off. I yelled at him: “Fucking walk, it’s right there! Why the fuck should I leave the post to drive you 30 meters?” The guy was startled and told me: “No-no, my friends are coming out of the bar and joining us in a minute.” “Oh, got it. I’m sorry, that’s another story.” I apologized with embarrassment. I reacted too quickly. The last fare with some drunk idiots was still in the back of my head.

I drove to the corner and in a few minutes, the friends arrived.

We drove to Matinkylä (about 1,5km/0,9mi). The guys were satisfied to even get a taxi. The two friends who had been picked up were amazed that their friend got a taxi so quickly when taxis were a deficit.

So the guys exited the car in a street in Matinkylä and I started to turn the car around.

I watched as the guys crossed the street. They had to go over a wall of snow of about 1 meter (about 3 feet). The alcohol had done its job, so had the cold weather with the street. So on the slippery wall of snow nature took another victim – one of the guys who started to go over the wall, fell on his stomach, two hands to the side like a figurine. He didn’t get a chance to even defend himself with his arms. It was like a canoe had been thrown on the wall of snow – face down, ass up. I started laughing uncontrollably, as did the guys on the street. I was just hoping he didn’t injure his face and that he was okay. I think he was, though. The guys didn’t ask for my help. So I left their company in the good mood that I was in.

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