Helsinki’s midnight skier

Unedited text.

On a weekend in March, when I had dropped off a client in Helsinki, I turned back to go to Westend, Espoo. About 400 meters before turning on the highway, in the city center, near the Kamppi shopping center, someone with skis was waving to me!


Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki. Photo:

I stopped the car. We put his gear between the two seats so that one tip of the skis was touching the ceiling above the rear seat and the other was practically touching the buttons on the radio. I was lucky to have a car with automatic transmission, otherwise it would have been complicated to change gears.

Dude was a bit drunk too – it’s the weekend, what are you going to expect. I asked him “Did you go skiing in this time of night?!” To that he pointed to the right, on the bay, as we were turned on the highway and said: “Yeah, on that bay. There’s a good track there.” I asked more: “How many kilometers did you ski?” “Well about 10 (6,2mi),” the local skier answered. That ended our conversation.

When we arrived to Haukilahti, South-Espoo, …

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund

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