A trip to Jamppa with the doppelganger of Bob Marley

Unedited text.

About half past three in an early morning in February I had a fare in Espoonlahti to a multi-story house. I thought it might be an old couple who were visiting someone and now they want to go home to somewhere in Helsinki.

So I drove to the right address, arrived in front of the house. I looked for the right doorway to pick up the client. In about a minute a fellow came out of the house and sat on the backseat of my car. Slightly tipsy of course, but mellow and friendly. He looked like the famous reggae star Bob Marley, with real long dreadlocks. A woolen “sock” on his head like Jamaicans wear.

So I asked him where we would be headed. “To Järvenpää,” was the answer. I asked again because I thought I heard him wrong: “To where?!” “To Järvenpää,” was the clear-cut response.

Shit, I approximately knew where it was on the map but I had no idea how to get there.

So I asked Bob a question only a novice would: “What area is it in, Vantaa or Vihti?” The dude responded with: “Nonono, it’s a separate place – Järvenpää. It’s further than Vantaa, Kerava or even Sipoo.” Hearing that, I thought, “Holy fuck, where in the hell do I have to drive this early morning. This is a really long drive.” I had never had this long of a fare.

So off we were. Me, desperately trying to find the address the guy told me. I didn’t. Once more, I asked him for the street he wanted to go. “…katu,” (about 64km/39,7mi) the Bob Marley-like answer sounded. “Shiiit, you fit right in on that street,” I thought, hearing the street name again. Bob added that we can get there through Lahdenväylä.


Lahdenväylä motorway. Photo: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Lahdenvayla_helsinki1.jpg

On the Kehä 1, I was still looking for the Järvenpää address and still could not find it. Again, a completely fucked situation in the early morning. I would like to thank my navigation with its “mega-giga-new” maps.


Kehä 1 motorway. Photo: http://fi.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keh%C3%A4_I#mediaviewer/File:Keha1pukinmaenasema.jpg

Finally a light bulb turned on above my head. I entered the address of where I previously lived in Lahti, when I was working there. Okay. It worked. It showed me that we are going the right way and there would soon be an exit towards Lahti. At the same time I was not sure that everything would go as planned.


View to Lahti. Photo: http://ds-lands.com/photo/cities/lahti/05/

I pulled out an atlas from between the seats during the drive, browsing through the pages doing 80 in snowy weather. I tried to find, where this fucking Järvenpää was and how to get there.

Finally I saw something on the map. There is a district called Jamppa in Järvenpää. Sure. Great name for a place. That’s the place all the ganja-men must be isolated in Finland, I smirked to myself.

So I pulled over on the Kehä 1. I tried finding the address again and this time I succeeded. Woohoo! Now we could continue.

I put my foot down, driving towards Lahdenväylä. I looked in the rear-view mirror and saw that the dude was happy with the situation himself. At the same time I was thinking to myself, why the fuck should he take a drive this long in this kind of time. Suspicious.

I looked at the navigation, there was about 42km/26mi to go – the bill was going to be huge. I started to doubt, if he would pay or would he try to run or might something more interesting happen during the trip. Different scenarios were rolling in my head.

So just to check, I asked him “Hey, sorry for asking but why are you a trip so expensive so early in the morning?” He responded: …

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Many thanks in advance,

Tommi Topelund

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